Surf kayaking activity at Shoreline in Bude, Cornwall

BCU Awards, Stars & Coaching Qualifications

Bude is an ideal location for all types of paddlesport. We use the sea, the surf, our canal and local rivers to run a wide variety of BCU qualification courses courses throughout the year. From 1 Star and Paddlepower awards right through to 4 and 5 Star leadership courses with Safety and Rescue courses and Level 1 and 2 Coach training and assessments.

The Bude Canal provides the perfect ribbon of sheltered water in which to learn specific paddling skills and is ideal for 1 and 2 star training and assessments as well as progressing through the paddle power scheme. We have a large range of kayaks, sit-on-tops and canoes that are available to be used and which allow us to broaden a paddlers knowledge and expertise in paddling different craft in a still water environment. The canal also offers us the perfect location for the BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue Training course (FSRT) a necessary pre-requisite course for any paddler wishing to become a qualified coach. And then finally the Canal once again proves to be perfect for the BCU / UKCC level 1 and 2 coach awards. The Level 1 is run over 4 days with small assessments taking place within this period and the Level 2 has a 4 day training period with a separate day of assessment following after a portfolio of coaching evidence is accumulated.

Our North Cornish Coastline is a fantastic place for Sea Kayaking adventures and with several different locations from which to choose we are always able to run the BCU 3 star sea award training and assessments.

Our local rivers such as the Dart and Tamar provide perfect white water for the BCU 3 star Inland Kayak award. English rivers generally have access agreements which permit their use in the winter closed fishing season the Dart in particular can be paddled from the start of October through to mid-March.

And then there's the surf, which Bude is most famous for. It won't be going too far to say that Shoreline leads the way in the coaching of this sport with our owner and senior surf kayaking coach Simon Hammond having written 'the' book on the subject; Surf Kayaking The Essential Guide as well as contributing to the updating of the BCU surf kayak awards themselves. With vast coaching experience from raw beginners, to progressive development programmes, to national teams and even the introduction of surf kayaking to other nations we are confident that we will be able to help any paddler progress in this sport. From a BCU point of view we run the 3 star Surf award throughout the year with one day training and one day assessment courses. The 4 and 5 Star awards are run over a 2 day training and 2 day assessment which we normally run weekends for in the Spring and Autumn. And the Advanced Surf Safety and Rescue course can be run with small groups as a one day course throughout the year.

For enquiries, please use our contact form or email [email protected]

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Range of Locations and Courses

    Bude Canal

  • BCU 1 Star - Basic kayak and canoeing skills in a single days course.

  • Paddlepower Awards - multiple stages can be done in small bits over several days.

  • BCU 2 Star - Standard kayak and canoeing skills can cover the training in a day with another half / whole day for assessment.

  • BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue Training Course - single day course using a variety of boats and rescue techniques.

  • BCU / UKCC Level 1 Coach Award - Four day course with small assessments within it (you'll need to hold the 2 Star and FSRT and register with the BCU before attending).

  • BCU / UKCC Level 2 Coach Award - Four days training, then a portfolio of coaching experience to complete before a single day assessment.

  • Surf Beaches

  • Surf Beaches

  • BCU 3 Star Surf Kayak - single day training and a single day assessment - can be done in general purpose kayaks.

  • BCU 4 Star Surf Kayak - two days of training and two days of assessment - usually completed in surf kayaks.

  • BCU Advanced Surf Safety and Rescue Training - one day course required before 5 Star assessment.

  • BCU 5 Star Surf Kayak - two days of training and two days of assessment in advanced conditions.

  • Sea Kayaking

  • BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak - single day training and single day assessment in many possible venues using specific sea kayaks.

  • Locations include; Hartland Quay, Bude, Boscastle, Port Quin, Daymer Bay and the Fowey Estuary.

  • White Water Kayaking

  • BCU 3 Star Inland Kayak - single day training and a single days assessment - using white water kayaks

  • Locations include the River Tamar and River Dart

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    Essential Information

      If you are just getting into paddlesport and would like some formal training then you don't need to work towards a BCU award instead you could just get in touch and we'll be happy to run a coaching day to suit your needs. If you'd prefer a BCU qualification course then we would be happy to get you started with the 1 Star and 2 Star awards which will give you a broad understanding of paddling skills in both Kayaks and Canoes.

      At 3 Star level you will paddle in specific environments e.g. The Sea or Rivers or The Surf and will start to Roll. At 4 and 5 Star level you will acting as a leader within your group in increasingly advanced environments.

      The BCU awards can feel like a bit of a maze at times but if you need any help in knowing what is the award for you or what you need to do next then please feel free to get in touch.

      The Canoe England Website is also a good source of information as are the other national association websites for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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      Equipment and Clothing

        For our 1 Star and 2 Star and FSRT courses we can provide all the craft and equipment you'll need, all you need to bring along is a change of clothing - see suggestions below. We will provide water proof cags, spray decks and buoyancy aids as well as the boats and paddles.

        Clothing to wear for this activity :

      • Summer conditions - tracksuit bottoms or shorts, T-shirt and an old pair of trainers or wetsuit boots.

      • Winter conditions - tracksuit bottoms, waterproof over trousers, T-shirt, Fleece, wooly hat and an old pair of trainers or wetsuit boots.

      • Alternatives - A full wetsuit can be used but it can prove to be too hot and restrictive and may cause rubbing, however a good choice for the FSRT course.

      • For more advanced courses paddlers often bring their own equipment and clothing. We do have a fleet of specialist sea kayaks, surf kayaks and white water kayaks which are used on various courses as required.

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        • School and College groups

        • Scouts, Guides and various youth groups

        • Family parties and groups of friends

        • Interested individuals

        • Established paddlers

        • Paddlers who wish to become coaches

        • Canoe clubs

        • Women only development groups

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          BCU Qualification

          Per Course

          BCU 1 Star (per day) £89.00
          BCU 2 Star (per day) £89.00
          BCU 3 Star (per day) £99.00
          BCU 4 Star (2 day course) £199.00
          BCU 5 Star (2 day course) £235.00
          Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (1 day course) £99.00
          Level 1 Coach Course (4 day course) £255.00
          Level 2 Coach Course (4 day course) £255.00
          Level 2 Coach Assessment (1 day course) £199.00