Mountaineering activity at Shoreline in Bude, Cornwall

Mountaineering and Navigation

Bude lies close to the two main south-west moorland areas of Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor. These moors with their granite tors, peat bogs and open grasslands create the perfect environment to practice and develop all the skills and techniques of upland map work and navigation together with wild camping and cooking.

Dartmoor in particular has a long history of hiking and camping activities with the Dartmoor Ten Tors Challenge being the most well known. It's also famed for its Letterboxing where individuals follow sets of navigation clues to find hidden 'Letter Boxes' tucked away under boulders in various locations around the moor.

And then for those wishing to extend their mountaineering experience we can drive off to any of the upland areas in the UK including North Wales, The Lake District and the Scottish Highlands!

We have many years of experience in mountaineering and the running of upland map work, navigation, camping and cooking expeditions. Our experience covers the regular training of Ten Tors teams, residential navigation training courses for students on Dartmoor, multi-day expeditions in the Lake District together with the provision of mountaineering experience in North Wales and Scotland.

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Range of Locations and Courses

    Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor

  • Progressive navigation, mapwork and camping training.

  • Intensive residential navigation and map work training weeks.

  • Letter Boxing days

  • Daily hikes

  • Mountain areas of the UK

  • Mountain days

  • Mountain scrambling

  • Mountain expeditions

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    Essential Information

      Each of these courses is customised around the needs of the individual or group concerned. As such we need to know as much as possible about your wishes and needs before we can start to put a plan together.

      We can deal with a wide range of ages and abilities although activities involving over-night wild-camping would be restricted to those aged 14 and over.

      If you fancy getting involved with these sorts of activities but don't know what to ask for then just contact us and we'll help to find the best activity for you

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      Equipment and Clothing

        Being out on the moors or mountains requires the right clothing and equipment in order to be safe. For a day hike on Dartmoor, at most times of the year, the following personal kit and clothing would be sensible :

      • Clothing to wear: Tracksuit bottoms or walking trousers (not jeans), thermal shirt, lightweight fleece jumper, long hiking socks, lightweight hiking boots.

      • Extra clothing and kit to carry: Small 30 litre day rucsac, waterproof over-trousers and coat, warm thick fleece, hat and gloves, packed lunch and warm drink, map and map case, compass, torch, watch, small personal first aid kit with blister plasters.

      • For more advanced and multi-day expeditions extensive and well thought out kit is required which needs to be discussed and prepared before these trips commence. This can only be done once programme content and aims have been established.

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        • School and College groups

        • Scouts, Guides and various youth groups

        • Family parties and groups of friends

        • Interested individuals

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          Per Person

          Youth Groups - Bodmin Moor Trek (Whole Day) £12.50
          Youth Groups - Duckpool Coastal Trek (Whole Day) £12.50
          Youth Groups - Sandymouth Coastal Trek (Half Day) £7.50
          Youth Groups - Dartmoor Navigation day on request
          Youth Groups - Mountain Navigation day (UK only) on request


          Mountaineering Activities

          Mountaineering and navigation with Shoreline Extreme Sports

          Group enjoying a mountaineering expedition from Bude, Cornwall

          Mountaineering and navigation with Shoreline Extreme Sports from Bude, Cornwall

          Discover Dartmoor on a mountaineering adventure with Shoreline Extreme Sports

          Group work is key whilst mountaineering in Cornwall

          After a long day mountaineering, warm up by a cosy fire back in Bude Cornwall

          Enjoy Shoreline Extreme Sports mountaineering activities in Cornwall